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With KDIT you can ...

Have a stable and reliable implementation or upgrade every single time.

Have total peace of mind for any implementation or upgrades and no surprises.

Help your users quickly adopt IBM Maximo into their asset management lifecycle.

Our Solutions

At KDIT our experts deliver


End to end quality solution for Maximo implementation, upgrades or enhancements via our Integrated Quality Ecosystem Platform (iQEP™) for Maximo

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Faster testing cycles for user acceptance & regression testing phases for both technical and business teams with different testing objectives.

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Identify Maximo System Performance bottlenecks optimizing technical layers to speed up Maximo system.

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Error free automated build deployment enabling repeatable and more frequent releases.

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End to end Asset Management business process optimization along with quality validation during implementation or upgrade phases.

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Enables visibility of Maximo system health check and ensures more Uptime

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Who We Are

IBM Certified and other industry certified professionals come together to deliver a sustainable quality solution that enables you to have a stress free work life.


Our QA consultants have 15-25 years of experience in planning, designing and execution of end to end Test Suites for Manual Testing, Automated testing and System Performance Testing. They closely work with our Functional Experts to create Business Process Based tests that mimic the real world use case scenarios with positive and negative mindset. We have proudly delivered ZERO Defect solutions consistently.


Our Maximo Performance Tuning experts have diverse skills necessary for tuning various technical layers for Maximo system. A few of them are Performance Testing experts who can design and execute a real world Performance model using HP LoadRunner™ or Apache JMeter solutions. A few of them are Database Administrators (DBA) who specializes on tuning Maxmo specific DB queries and DB level bottlenecks. A few of them are Networking professionals who can monitor and fine tune network level bottlenecks with respect to Maximo.


Our Maximo Technical consultants have 10-25 years of experience in optimizing Maximo System performance on Weblogic / Websphere application Servers and also creating Automated Build Management solutions for Maximo solutions.


Our Functional consultants have an average of 20-30 years of experience in Asset Management, Maintenance & Reliability and Supply Chain / Procurement domains. They optimize business processes, train functional users on adoption of the tools / processes and help validate the system along with our QA experts.
Case Studies

Challenge :

A large energy company that relies on Maximo to manage its asset management life cycle. They engaged us for their Maximo Optimization Program, which was a multi-million dollar and multi-year program with 3 key challenges: 1) deal with over 500 defects / issues from the initial implementation, 2) improve stakeholder confidence for each monthly release and 3) deliver Asset Downtime Management, Investigations, Linear Assets, Procure2Pay etc. processes on Maximo after their initial go-live implementation

Solution :

Our unique iQEP™ (Integrated Quality Ecosystem Platform) solution offering a holistic and unified strategy for 25+ client projects focusing all aspects of quality. We defined and executed how manual, automated, and system performance testing on Maximo would be performed, along with regression and user acceptance testing. We applied our unique business-process based test automation framework, using HP UFT automated 400+ end-to-end test scenarios sustainably. We implemented the end-to-end unified quality management approach that established a Maximo Quality Ecosystem for all 25+ projects, including Maximo iFix / FixPack upgrades.

Results :

   Reduced 75% of testing cycle time from 4 weeks to 1 week
   Enabled projects to go live with Zero Defect
   Improved stakeholder confidence for each release through complete end to end test suites
   Reduced cost by 80%

This is the first time we have done an upgrade in the ERP space where the event was a “non-event”.  -- Group Lead, Maintenance & Reliability System Support, A large Oil & Gas organization

"Having a program-level QA strategy was key in managing changes across projects within the program. Additionally, with an eye on changes occurring within the sustainment environment by the Program, it was possible to manage and avert any unwarranted or unexpected changes".   -- A multi year, multi million dollar IBM Maximo Program engagement for a large Oil & Gas client

Challenge :

Our second case study involves Maximo system performance tuning for the above client. After initial Maximo implementation, many remote field users were complaining about Maximo system being extremely slow: 6 minutes instead of 30 seconds. These complaints were becoming a major roadblock for higher management to enable wider adoption of Maximo system by operational users.

Solution :

Collaborated with business end users, we identified their critical business transactions and created a reality-based Maximo Load Model. Based on this Maximo Load Model, we created re-usable HP LoadRunner scripts utilizing Locations, Assets, Job Plans, Preventive Maintenance, Work Order, and Purchase Order applications. We simulated load tests on the Maximo system with 100 to 400 virtual users, while our expert performance team monitored and tuned at the WebSphere Application Server (Oracle 12c) and also at the network levels.

Results :

Client’s Maximo system performance has improved significantly by tuning all the technical layers incrementally. Before the performance tuning, the workflow transaction from Defect to Work Order application took approximately 6-7 minutes to route at a remote site. After tuning, the transaction was routed in 20 seconds. The number of complaints from remote field users decreased by 60%, and a smooth adoption of Maximo system became a reality.

"Performance Test scripts helped the Maximo support team to benchmark the system performance before and after any major tuning change is deployed".   -- IBM Maximo Technical Support Lead, A large Oil & Gas organization