End 2 End Quality Solution For Maximo

Real life Maximo use is not simple. Your business processes are varied and complicated. This makes implementation with minimal defects nearly impossible with standard cookie-cutter testing. However, we have delivered it consistently and sustainably with an innovative process called "Design Thinking."

We understand the complex nature of your business, and we work with all client stakeholders to truly replicate your full system needs. By taking the time to fully understand how each stakeholder category is affected, we can identify detailed user data patterns. We pair this with secondary research to design a unique solution that actually works. After iteratively testing this solution with constant customer feedback, a solid foundation is achieved for repetitive testing. The result is a Maximo Quality Ecosystem where almost zero defect solution is achievable, scalable, repeatable, and consistent in the longer term.
Our customers benefit with:
- Increased ROI
- Faster time to market
- Confidence and Peace of Mind

Integrated Quality Platform for Maximo

Faster Testing Cycles

Spend less time testing and more time creating solutions. We can significantly reduce your testing cycle, giving you more time to focus on new capabilities. Because our testing framework is unique and customized to your business, a complete and accurate testing cycle can be automated within a few hours. This can add days or even weeks of productivity back into your schedule.

Accelrated testing cycle for Maximo

1) Automated Business Process Capture - We apply Robotic Process Automation methodology for capturing your unique business process. No coding is necessary.

2) Reusable Business Components - Our reusable business components capabilities can enable you build much bigger end to end workflows. These automated workflows can be used for your training and learning purposes, repetitive validation for every testing cycle.

3) Auditable Analytics - All business processes can be broken down from highest level processes to detailed use case levels. Analytical reporting can be generated per business process area. This enables transparency to all stakeholders at any given point of time.

User Role based end to end workflow for setting up a Rotating Item and corresponding Rotating Assets in Maximo 7.6.x.

Stage 1: Rotating Item setup process in Item Master: Setup a Rotating item in Item Master, associate with an organization and activate it.

Stage 2: Rotating Item Procurement Stage: Create a Purchase Requisition and then a Purchase Order for procuring the Rotating item

Stage 3: Receiving and Rotating Asset Serialization Stage: Once PO has been approved, receive the Purchase Order and seralize the rotating assets.


End to end workflow from creating a work order to procurement and recieving the purchase order in Maximo 7.5.x.

Stage 1: Work Order Planning Stage: Plan a work order with tasks, labor, inventory and third party material and services. Approve the WO.

Stage 2: Inventory Reorder and Procurement Stage: Create PR using Inventory Reorder process. Generate PO from PR and approve PO.

Stage 3: Receiving Stage: Once PO has been approved, receive the Purchase Order and validate whether WO has been changed automatically to approved status.


System Performance Assesment and Optimization

System Performance Assessment, Testing & Optimization can answer critical business questions before applications go live:

1) Does the application respond quickly enough for the intended users?
2) Will the application handle the number of transactions required by the business?
3) Is the application stable under expected and unexpected user loads?
4) Are you sure that users will have a positive experience on go-live day?

Maximo Performance Testing

A Team Approach

We approach system performance as a whole process that works best with the collaboration of the following roles:

Maximo Performance Solution

Performance Testing Experts

Performance testing experts identify the critical business transactions. This is done by spending time with the business end users and asking detailed questions. This information is used to create a model and test scripts. Finally, the full load tests are scheduled, executed and reported with the expected number of virtual users.

Maximo Performance Testing Experts

Application Server Expert

The Application Server Expert monitors all of the performance metrics while the load tests are executed in the Maximo environment. He/she fine tunes any gaps by aligning with the best practices given by IBM.

Maximo Performance Improvement

Database Tuning Experts

The Database Tuning Experts are certified DBA professionals who monitor the long-running queries or other database bottlenecks while load tests are executed.

Maximo Performance Bottleneck Removal

Network Experts

The Application Server Expert monitors all of the performance metrics while the load tests are executed in the Maximo environment. He/she fine tunes any gaps by aligning with the best practices given by IBM.

Testing Tools and Fees

We use the following tools for standard and reusable Maximo Performance testing and monitoring:

1) HP LoadRunner and HP Sitescope
2) JMeter Performance Testing Tool (Opensource)

We have expertise in both HP LoadRunner tool and JMeter open source performance testing tool. In case of HP LoadRunner, we can bring it in a "Pay-As-You-Go" basis that can be much affordable for short term Performance Testing needs.

Error Free Deployment

Eliminate the potential for manual mistakes. Our automated deployment solution saves time and improves accuracy over manual Maximo building, helping us reach our "minimal defect" goal. We go beyond the features of the Maximo Migration Manager by creating an integrated package for all of the approved changes that are scheduled for upcoming release / deployment. This significantly reduces errors and testing time, giving your entire team peace of mind.

Automated deployment solution for Maximo

Process Optimization

We can also help you develop efficient ways to use Maximo for your specific business processes. Our industry functional experts have over 20 years of experience in operational areas such as Supply Chain, Asset Management & Reliability, and Maintenance Management. We collaborate with clients to identify gaps and recommend optimization steps to become a mature organization.

Maximo Functional Experts

Quality Analytics

We test a wide breadth of business processes (horizontal) while also digging deep into each process for all possible scenarios (vertical).

Horizontal Quality is achieved by taking the time to test the full range of high-level scenarios, starting from Locations, Asset applications to Work Order, Inventory, Procurement and possibly other financial applications such as SAP, JDEdwards, and Oracle E-business Suite.
Vertical Quality is achieved by taking each of these high level scenarios and testing in-depth variations of each application.

Total Quality Solution for Maximo

This Comprehensive Visible Quality is displayed transparently for our clients with appropriate dashboards and metrics. Stakeholders have full visibility of both horizontal and vertical testing results, allowing full confidence in the product at any given time. This analytics solution encourages continuous improvement by finding strengths and weakness for the end-to-end Maximo system.